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To minimize time and expense wasted on unavailable name candidates, we set aside morphemes that have been diluted by overuse within the category at the start of brand name or company name construction.

In categories where intelprop problems will be a significant impediment, we direct the construction process toward creating meaningful new words — neologisms.

Genuine neologisms, as opposed to fusions of word fragments (Beautybath) or adjectival phrases (Lite & Natural) create fewer intellectual property issues — and provide stronger trademark rights from day one.

Domestic names are searched in U.S federal and state trademark and/or servicemark files; common law files; and domain name registries.


International names are screened in a worldwide database of names published for opposition (an element of the registration process) in nearly 200 countries.

Company names are cleared in the state of incorporation and searched in specialized databases and corporate name records in all 50 states.

We collect and analyze the entire document record for each relevant mark rather than the reduced summary provided by search services.


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