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Following a confidential discussion about the product, service or company to be named, we submit a written proposal detailing linguistic processes, intellectual property search, cost, and proposed start/finish dates for your project.

Most domestic projects are completed within four weeks of the initial input meeting. Most international projects are completed within six weeks.

We quote a fixed price in advance — including labor and all expenses (travel, intellectual property search, outside research).


To prepare us for the input meeting (or teleconference), you provide background information.

Knowledge of competitor names and relative perceived positions in the minds of customers is important to our analysis.

Such information may stem from your market research, multi-client studies, or survey articles from trade magazines.

 Input Session

The meeting or teleconference at the beginning of your project lasts an hour or two.

Immediately after the meeting, we submit a written "input statement" summarizing messages to be expressed in candidate names.

You edit the input statement and return it to us so that we can begin the name development process.


 Name Development

We create proprietary product and company names using an approach we invented called "constructional linguistics."

To learn more about our name development process click here.

 Intelprop Screening

Domestic names are searched in the U.S. federal and state trademark or servicemark files; common law files; 50-state business name files; and, domain name registries.

International names are searched in a worldwide database of names published for more than 200 countries.

Final company name candidates are reserved as corporate names in your state of incorporation.

Candidate domain names will be registered in advance by NameLab.

We will present you with only those candidate names that, in our opinion, are available for use. But you must, in the end, depend on your own attorney's opinion when implementing a product or company name.

 Final Report

The result of a NameLab project is a written report that includes input statement, category analysis, final candidate names (presented in order of value with the best few analyzed in detail) and legal search documents.



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