So the internet is disrupting conventional retailing structures. 

So what else in new? Yawn. 

Infrequently, we stumble across something that demonstrates how our electronic nervous system can evolve into a new business model that solves problems for producer and consumer. Better product, better distribution, and (we assume) a nice profit for those with the smarts and the guts to try something new.

The case in point is CleanFish Alliance - a company that sets standards for producing high-quality, eco-friendly “artisanal seafood” - helps members meet those standards; helps manage distribution; and directs restaurant buyers and quality-driven consumers to sustainable sources for these products.

It’s a new and important business model potentiated by the internet. 

And no, we didn’t make the name. Wish we had, though. It couldn’t be better.

Have a look at their site at

Justin Gilman