Our process starts by understanding your business objectives and how a new name can help you achieve those goals


How We Work

After a quick confidential conversation we’ll send you a proposal that outlines
pricing, timing and milestones for your project.

Once we quote a price it never changes unless you materially alter the scope of your project.

Projects typically take four weeks to complete.

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Names don’t exist in a vacuum. So before we start we want to learn about you.

To do that we’ll need some basics.


Don’t worry. The information we require is in your head or at your fingertips. For example, who are you customers? Prospects? Key competitors? What’s your differentiator or product benefits?

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Input Meeting


A kickoff or WebEx meeting with a few key stakeholders is vital to ensure we get the direction needed to create winning solutions for you. We call it an “Input Meeting.”

We’ll facilitate that discussion and help you articulate what your new name needs to communicate to ensure that you achieve your business goals.

Immediately following the “Input Meeting”, we’ll send you a short, written distillation of the agreed to direction called an “Input Statement”. You’ll then review it and make any desired changes before approving it. Once approved, the “Input Statement” becomes the roadmap for your project.
We’ll use it to brief our linguists who will construct candidate names based on your requirements.

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Name Development

We create candidate names using a proprietary process we invented called
“Constructional Linguistics.”

To learn more about “Constructional Linguistics” click here.


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Final Report

At the conclusion of your project, we’ll present final candidates in second meeting or WebEx. Immediately after the presentation, we’ll send you a final report. The final report will include the Input Statement, competitive review, an analysis of each and every candidate name and intel prop search documents.

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